Working Directly in the Field

APREC and its researchers are anchored directly in the field.

  • APREC is located within a large university hospital where laboratories and patient care facilities coexist and where all necessary interdisciplinary specialties come together.
  • APREC is based in the clinical oncology unit of  Tenon Hospital, which each year takes in charge more than 16,000 specialized out-patient consultations, 9,000 out-patient chemotherapy sessions, and 12,000 days of hospitalization  for in-patients.   Tenon Hospital is classified as “a primary center of reference in cancer  care” by the SROS (Schéma Régional d’Organisation Sanitaire – Regional Health Organization Plan) in the Paris region.
  • APREC is located in a new research facility, inaugurated in 2008, on  Tenon Hospital campus.  APREC was able to finance the construction of the building thanks to a subvention from the Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France (Regional Council of  Ile-de-France) to subsidize its pioneering spirit in the realm of translational research.
  • Thus the APREC researchers have direct access both to laboratories and to patients who can benefit immediately from the latest advances in cancer research.